sound, art, technology

Photo Credit: Rupert Earl


Ieva is an artist and technologist currently based in London, UK. Coming from a background in classical music and audio post production, she often uses sound to communicate ideas and tell stories, often embedded in mediums such as installation, film, performance and IoT.

After graduating from Guildhall, Ieva formed a multimedia and contemporary dance collective Syntrex, with whom she built shows and performed at spaces such as The Pickle Factory, The Silver Building, The Place and TripSpace. Alongside this, she was also producing, performing and releasing electronic music under her pseudonym Piksel. Some highlights include her weekly Monday ambient show on Noods Radio, a performance for multispeaker channel system at AURES, London (pictured), to a release of the Places soundtrack on tape for Modularfield records.

In 2020 she became a lecturer of Electronic Music at the Guildhall and started working for an audio post production company - Brain Audio. Whilst her own creative projects were paused, she went on to produce music and sound design for countless productions - including within animation, advertising and AR/VR. A few years down the line, she began acquiring her own clients within audio post production, which allowed her to naturally peel off as a freelancer and start a master’s degree in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths, where she developed new skills in programming and formed a new collective _threadsafe, with whom she now regularly exhibits works with.

Ieva’s artistic interests are often entangled with identity, body and place. Her work investigates real world hardships and personal experiences through artistic mediums, often employing sound and a visuals such as an installation or performance. She’s incredibly interested in algorithmic approaches, particularly systems that can be broken down, disrupted and controlled. Her work often uses technology as a tool to reveal certain aspects of research, and as a medium to question how we use those resources.

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