Body In Sound is an interactive installation which investigates shifts in identity by using the body as a tool to access morphed memories of a geographical location. The piece explores kinae-sonic reflexivity theory, which proposes that sound and movement are inextricably linked, and aims to focus the viewer’s perception to their listening and spatial awareness. As one navigates through the space, they morph through years of collected field recordings and ‘found’ sounds from a forest in Lithuania, that have been reprocessed, restitched and repurposed to create a new world. The work probes and deconstructs individual parts of the soundscape, giving agency to the viewer to explore a distant memory autonomously, leaving only traces of their path behind.

Exhibited at Hypha Studios, 50 Celebration Avenue, London
Materials: Kinect, Rug, 2x Speakers, Computer, Custom Software
Tools: Max MSP, OpenFrameworks, TouchDesigner

Photo Credit: Stathis Doganis