AGORA - a place of gathering

AGORA is an installation made in collaboration with the _threadsafe collective - featuring an interactive soundscape, 3D sculptures and audio reactive visuals. Delving into the depths of the collective’s conscience, over a four day residency we began the process of conceiving a potential new world, a new future, a new way of being. Using traditional craft and technology as a means of weaving into the depths of our shared histories, we performed our research into the subject with open doors - inviting visitors to contribute ideas towards a new body of knowledge and experience.

The piece brings forth the collective’s identities in a non-linear timespace, as the sound fluctuates between field recordings of each members’ journeys, accompanied by a warping clock to represent the bending in time. The different parts of the soundscape are driven by motion in the space, allowing a unique experience for each visit.

Exhibited at Art Hub, Creekside, London
Materials: Sculptures, Speakers, Computer, Camera, 3x Screens
Tools: Max MSP, p5js

Photo Credit: Stathis Doganis