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Documentary | dir Amy Dang | Music
Parade For A Modern Man is a documentary exploring the contemporary dance scene and life in Beirut. The soundtrack aims to support the poetic nature of the documentary, gently holding the narrative and supporting the character emotion.


Advert   |    Pitch&Sync    |    Music

The music aims to reflect the scenic landscapes and the weight of the information within the video. Blending natural with synthetic was key to portray the right narrative.

Barbarians - Maxim Gorky

I did the interactice sound design and music for Filter’s Theatre show ‘Barbarians’.  All the sound was performed by the actors live using my custom built software, therefore making each performance unique.
Interactive Sound   |    Filter Theatre    |    Sound Design/Music


Multi-media dance    |     London    |    Music

Places //  2 is a multi-media dance piece performed at various clubs in London, with live visuals, dance and music. Discovering a sense of place was the fundamental narrative and building block of the piece, with original concept formed by Amy Dang and myself for my graduation show (Places).

"this track wonderfully allots space to tense processed strings, warped, wordless alien voices and post-rave kick drum thuds" DJ Mag .


Construct of an Icon | Arena Homme+

Short Film   |    Arena Homme+    |    Music
Construct of an Icon  is  a video made for the magazine Arena Homme+. The film goes through exploring iconic movements and human nature. The music uses the dark visual themes and builds intensity through sliding strings and granular synths.

Arena HOMME+ Construct of an icon | Prada Special

Short Fashion Film   |    dir. Timur Celikdag  |   Music



Brand Film  |    Abdul Jabaar Khan    |    Sound Design & Mix

The aim from the sound perspective, was to bring to life all the imaginary shapes and landscapes of the video and give it some weight and realism. Whilst with the mix, the aim there was to make sure all the elements could be heard equally and had a space in the frequency field. 


Some Silver Burns is a multi-media show built specifically for the Resolution Festival at The Place. Collaboratively directed by the Syntrex collective, this piece aims to look at the juxtaposition between organic and man made. Music composed and performed live with two dancers and live visuals.
"The ambient landscape is inhabited by textured beats, mist-like synth and violin of mournful character" - ADSR

Multi-media dance    |    Syntrex, The Place    |    Music


Shots Awards: Americas

Have you ever thought where your best creative ideas come from? Well, Laurie Rowan did in this snappy, comedic and slightly dark animation, created for the Shots Awards ceremony. I did the sound design (under Brain Audio studios) for this superbly surreal animation.
Promotional Video   |    dir. Laurie  Rowan    |    Sound Design


Travel Almanac: New World Order

Travel Almanac is a shot art film exploring romance in the midst of an environmental crisis. The music aims to bring out the character emotion, but remaining a darkness aroud it. This film was nominated for the Milan Fashion Film award.
Short Fashion Film   |    dir. Timur Celikdag    |    Music



Short Film   |    dir. Amy Dang    |    Music/Sound Design

Short film exploring our connection with nature through movement and shots of scenic landscapes. The music and sound design is acting almost as one, helping evoke a sense of stillness of time through sustained strings & drones.


B&O Beoplay E8

Advert   |    Odelay    |    Music

B&O headphones are known for their quality and style. The music aims to capture the elegence and seamless design of their product and tie the story of the video through gentle piano & violin.


We Astronomers: Star Gaze

Star Gaze is an immersive installation piece based on observations of our planetary orbit and its correlation with the paths we take as individual beings on this planet. Star Gaze. With two tilted screens opposite each other, projecting video created by Stelios Ilchouk and 4.1 surround sound by me, responding to the visuals. 

Immersive Installation   |   Curious, Barbican    |    Music/Sound



Unsaid is a short film sponsored by KIA and The Times. The film explores grief by following a man who recently lost his mother. The music acts as a subtle bed to support the complex emotional contexts.
Short Film   |    dir. Ben Falk    |    Music


Orange Xmas

Millege & Doig are yet again trying to eagerly prepare for Christmas - but they thought they can take a short-cut. In this fast paced animation, I created all the foley & sound design (lots of wrapping paper recordings!) and did the final mix down as part of Brain Audio studios.
Advert   |    Orange    |    Sound Design + Mix


Conform EP