I am a creative technologist and sound specialist based in London. For the last five years, I've worked within the media sector producing music and sound design for branded content, film and theatre. Companies I've worked with include: Marvel, B&O, KIA, The Barbican Centre, Orange, Homme+, Toyota, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to name a few. I was also part of an artist collective Syntrex, with whom I performed audio visual contemporary dance shows regularly across London.

My practice has taken a turn since I started a master’s degree in Computation Arts  in 2022 and I am now more fully embracing my interests in audio and visual arts, as well as tool making. I’m passionate about how we can communicate complex ideas through artistic mediums and connect with the wider public. I love every bit of the process of making a project happen, from sketching to ideating and testing. Technology has been in my process since late teens, but it’s only recently fully intertwined into my practice. Here is an ever growing list of my toolset:

OpenFrameworks (C++), p5js / threejs / tonejs / nodejs (Javascript)

Unreal Engine, Max MSP, Touch Designer, Reaper, Ableton, FMOD

Kinect, Arduino, Raspberry Pi (& sensors

Need to get in touch? Drop me a line: